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Student Conduct

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Guideline for Students Conduct

  • The students are required to adhere to the code of conduct and behaviour on which good citizenship is based.
  • Reaches the school at least 5 minutes before the school time and attends the morning assembly regularly.
  • Takes pride in wearing complete school uniform.
  • Is self-disciplined, truthful and reflective.
  • Keeps his/her classroom and school campus clean.
  • Takes care of the school property and surrounding.
  • Extends help to his/her parents, brothers, sisters, classmates and others.
  • Is careful and watchful of his/her own belonging rather than blaming the classmates or the school for the loss.
  • Does not fight with his/her school mates, bully those who are younger or weaker.
  • Is kind to all living creatures and sincere to his/her institution.
  • An inch haircut with oil is compulsory for boys.
  • Lending or borrowing of money and other articles is not permitted.
  • Students will be responsible for loss of books, money and other valuables brought to school. However, every effort will be made to recover the things lost, if reported to the class teacher or the principal immediately.
  • Take good care of his/her health and is strong and active.