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Ghewar Chand Kanunga


About Our President: A man with a mission to serve society: Shri G.C. Kanunga (22nd February 1936) is a true icon who spent most of his childhood and youth in the city of Madras (Chennai) proud alumnus of A.P. Jain High School and Madras Christian College. He believes in hard work, persistence and destiny. He feels that one life is not enough for his social work, hence he wants to achieve maximum out of it. He has been a voracious reader since a very young age, and one understands that education is the only way, by which we can change the thinking process of society and make each independent. With this goal in mind, he sowed the seeds of two schools Badalchand Sugankanwar and Mahaveer Public School. Both these schools are under the aegis of “Bhagwan Mahaveer Shikshan Sansthan” and focus on helping students build a better future for themselves & for society at large. At that time Jodhpur City was in urgent need of a good educational institute, Mahaveer Public School, with its planned infrastructure, well-designed playgrounds and strategic location, proved to be a blessing. The school imparts proper guidance and the right learning opportunities, by better understanding the basic requirements of the students in a constantly changing world. The school can strive and ignite the spirit of equality and curiosity. The motto of the school is true “Gyaana, Shakti, Srijan” which means -'Knowledge, Power, Creation, Innovation'. In other words, with the right knowledge and right Position, Power, Will, one can Create and innovate with excellence. Our President Words: Knowledge is the wealth that increases multifold when shared and education is the source to impart knowledge about every domain of life. With this belief the foundation of Mahaveer Public School was laid to create an epitome of holistic development of students. Education not only nurtures but gives a launch pad to every dream however small or big it may be and that’s what exactly we strive at MPS to provide .With a belief to touch every life and make a difference for good has been an unending endeavor of every person in the school. It gives me immense pleasure and sense of pride to be a part of such esteemed institution and hereby reckon all to join hands in sharing this invaluable treasure and become a part of this new age revolution which will create a generation that shall mark the success of our country and bring growth and prosperity to its citizens. Blessings.